Chevrolet Corvette C3 Gr 4/5 1969 “ATCO”


The example we present was driven by Belgian private driver Chris Tuerlinx, a General Motors dealer. He took part in the 1,000 kilometers of Monza in 1971 and the 1,000 kilometers of Spa the following month. During the ’72 season, the Belgian driver drove again at Spa, but failed to finish the race due to a mechanical issue. Tuerlinx took part in almost thirty official competitions. The Corvette was then sold to Dutch driver Hans Deen, who modified the car to take it from Group 4 to Group 5. The Corvette made a strong comeback in 1975 in the Dutch national championship, held exclusively at Zandvoort. It sports the colors of its main sponsor, ATCO. Our Corvette was then acquired by a fellow Dutchman, Bas Van Vliet, who entered it in two races in the Benelux Championship. In 1978, this mythical Corvette retired after a career of almost 10 years in official competitions. After several other purchases, this Corvette is now ready to race in Peter Auto’s CER 1 class or in the pre-71 Historic Endurance class, and most certainly to win the scratch race.

Mark :
Model :
Corvette C3
Type :
Year :
Body :
Gear box :
4 speed
Engine size :
6 998 cm3 - 427ci
Chassis :
Color :
Interior :
Vehicle documentation :
Side :
Price euros :
120'000 VAT inc.

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